Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We must know the sex!!! But why???

Know any pregnant people?
Even wonder we want to know the sex of our baby before they are born?
Sure, you may say that it's so they can pick a name. But why not just pick a name for both sexes and then when the baby is born pick from there? Or you may say it's better to know so that you know what kind of decor to put in their room. But why? Why do we socialize our kids like that? Why does the baby's sex matter so much even BEFORE it is born? Why do we buy pink things for someone at their baby shower if they are having a girl? What's wrong with pink for a boy or blue for a girl? And have you even looked a baby that belonged to a stranger and asked how old "he" was and had the parents snap at you, "She's a GIRL!" Well, I sure have. They all look the same to me at that age anyways. Why do people get so offended? Why have we done this in our culture? Do you see where this fits into any of Gilman's theories?


  1. Our society has always focused on males being masculine and females being feminine. We have always associated blue with a male and pink with a female, a pocket knife or pellet gun for a male and a Barbie doll for a female. In our culture it is very important for us to be able to differentiate sex. Sex is very important to us, when we are walking down the street and we someone that we cannot determine if they are male or female, we instantly become curious and want to know their sex. I think it is human nature to know their sex. When a female is pregnant and she finds out the baby is a male, she would probably think that when the baby kicks he is going to be a good athlete because he is so energized. If she finds out the baby is female, she would probably think when the baby kicks that she is going to be a good dancer. Males play football, females play house. This could be applied to Gimmels views because she feels like patriarchy causes females to change, their bodies evolve, all because of men. Females use their attracting skills such as applying cosmetics or fashion, these skills developed because in our patriarchic society females need to use these skills as a form of survival. We socialize our children based on their sex. We do not want our children made fun of at school because we socialized them incorrectly based on societies standards. For example, we do not want to send a little boy to 4th grade in all pink because he will be made fun of. Societies patriarchic society influenced us to make a man a man, and a female a lady. When I think to myself, why would I care if my baby was called a female even though he is a male, I feel like I would be offended because I want my male to appear more masculine, if he is mistaken as a female, I feel like he may look to feminine. The patriarchic society would influence me to dress him in all blue so that he is not mistaken as a female again. It is all because of patiarchy and human nature, that cause us to want to know the sex.

  2. I agree with gafrietze! it would be wird to see a little boy dress iin pink, but that is the way society wants us to believe. And about wanting to know the sex of your baby, in my personnal point of view, I would like to know the sex of my baby to buy baby clothes (little dresses if a girl and pants if its a boy).
    People get offended if their boy looks femenine and if the girl looks masculine. I think this has something to do with the mexican culture. Men have to dominate, they have to be machos and by wearing pink they are not going to accomplish that.
    One day i gave my boyfriend a pink shirt(i admire men that wear pink shirts)he did not want to wear the shirt, just because it was pink. i convince him but he thought peolpe were going to think he was gay!! I understand that because thats the way society thinks.