Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marx in the Everyday World

I can see how Marx's theory of Alienation of Product could fit into today's world. I agree with what he is saying about how people can give life to an object that is man made which leads them to believe that they need the product and that they must have it. I know I am guilty of this behavior, I cannot live without my laptop. It holds all my important documents, I have given this object complete and total control over me. We give so much attention to these objects because of the constant stream of advertising that bombards us every which way we turn. The advertisements make us think we need these products when really they are ours to begin with because they are man made. Our obsession with these commodities begins to take away our self worth and we begin to measure ourselves with money and objects. I don't see this type of behavior going away any time soon. Some people, not everyone, are really into what they own and they really treasure there material things.

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  1. I have to agree that this behavior will continue going forward. The society that we live in today is very materialistic. It is almost as the individuals in our society are all in competition for the most up to date objects (clothes, technology, cars, etc). I myself tend to by new cell phones, even though my old one works fine. I like to have the newest phone out. I would agree that advertisements bombarding me encourage me to buy new phones. As soon as I see a new phone on tv I log onto the manufacturers website to check the features, if it looks better than the phone I currently have, I continously think about the phone until finally I go out to buy it. This tends to happen about every 3 months. I am always on my phone, I could not live without my phone, I would be a perfect example of what Marx describes, because I give life to my phones and I always feel like I need the newest one.